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From Montreal, QC, Canada
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Canada - Annual Souvenir Collection Album 1974

The Album is in Excellent condition and this issue is very rare

Please take note that all the stamps have been permanetly mounted in the album .

Unitrade AC #17 Cat. $250.00

1974 Annual Collection with stamps


Souvenir Collection of the Postage Stamps of Canada 1974, as issued by Canada Post. These wonderful souvenir collections of the Postage Stamps of Canada include all the years stamp issues mint in a book loaded with rich descriptions that are well worth a read. 

I am a private collector selling off duplicates and extras that I have acquired over the years of collecting. If something is misrepresented or broken during shipping I am more than happy to work something out with you. I always leave feedback and would appreciate the same in return. Taxes charged for Canadian residents only.


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