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Vintage Swiss Made CYMA open face poket watch.  Beautifull engravings around the the openface case. Lens is in fair condition. Dial is silver with black arabicnumerals,  and a beautiful silverengraved ring that connect with a silver subdial. The dial is in expectionallygood condition. The engravings continue onto the back of the poket watch wherewe can read '' ABC'' engraved at the bottom. Canadian made A.W.C. CompnayEmpress case in rolled gold.

Gold-filled, also known as "rolled gold" or"rolled gold plate" is a composite material where thin layers of goldare bonded with heat and pressure to a core of base metal such as brass. Thethickness of the gold plate determines how long the item will last in normaluse before the base metal shows thorough, and is usually much thicker, andtherefore longer wearing, than electro plated gold. Because these cases are notsolid gold they are not hallmarked.

Pocket Watch is in working order. Please take note that it has NOT been timed for 24 hours to verify if it keeps good time.


Movement:  Cyma Tachy Watch Co

No of Jewels: 17 jewels

Case Size:  16s

Case Material:  Empress A.W.C CO Gold Filled case

General Disclaimer about the Working Condition of Antique & Vintage Watches: Antique & vintage watches which have not been serviced recently, may need service or repair to be reliable for everyday use. All of my antique and vintage watches are sold "as is", without any warranty expressed or implied. Please view the pictures carefully to judge condition for yourself. Any evidence of wear or damage, visible in the photos, is considered fully disclosed.


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