Posted on: December 23 2015
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Poolmaster 81764 Awesome Blossom

Condition: Brand New

Just add water that this Awesome Blossom is ready for fun.

The large bloom features a wide center opening for multiple swimmers to enjoy playing in at the same time.

The noodle-style stem is approximately 5' long and 8" wide, perfect for just hanging around.

The Awesome Blossom stands about 84" in total height and is made of 10- gauge vinyl.

 For in-and-out play and fun on the water for multiple swimmers

 Center bloom tube measures 54" in diameter, approximate deflated size

 Long curved stem measures 60" long, approximate deflated size

 Made of 10-gauge vinyl

 54" x 84" (approximate deflated size)

 Recommended for ages 8+

Details EAN 0085334817647

 Title Poolmaster 81764 Awesome Blossom

 Brand Poolmaster

Colour One Color

Model 81764

Size One Size

Dimensions386mm x 386mm x 139mm

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