Posted on: August 28 2017
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Silver Express is based out of Canada and has over 25 years expoerience in the buillon business. We offer our customers the best customer service and 100% staisfaction guarnatee.  If you have any quyestion please do not hesitate to contact us for a quick reposne.


RCM is the acronym for the world renowned Royal Canadian Mint.  Not only is their .9999 pure silver one of the most desirable on the markets it is also one of the few mints in the world that produce .9999 fine silver bars. Revered for it’s quality and excellence, the 100 oz RCM Silver Bar are a hallmark of the mint.

RCM 100 oz Silver Bar is stamped with .9999 fine silver purity. This higher level of purity renders its bars slightly more valuable than other products produced by other mints. This 100 oz RCM Silver Bar is also stamped with 100 troy ounces along with the mintmark and a serial number. Fine silver bullion, especially fine silver from a mint as renowned as the Royal Canadian Mint, is an excellent investment and these bars are among the most revered product offerings on the market today.


Each bar is of the highest quality and stamped with its .999 fine silver purity mark as well as the mintmark and stamp denoting its one hundred troy ounces of precious silver. The 100 oz RCM Silver Bar is of a similar shape and size to other 100 oz bars currently on the market. 


****we offer bulk pricing, please contact us for a quote****


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 Our priority is our customers, so you can be assured of its authenticity.

These bars make for an excellent  method of investment.

These are used items and may show slight tarnish, show signs that they have been visibly handled or have  visible surface scratches and scuffs.

 The bar you receive may vary slightly form the bar pictured as it was taken as from our inventory.



Specifications for RCM 100 Troy Oz .9999 Fine Silver Bars


100 oz of .9999 fine silver

Weight in Ounces:

100 oz


These are used items and may show slight tarnish, show signs that they have been visibly handled or have visible surface scratches and scuffs.






Royal Canadian Mint


7.25 x 3.25 inches. Makes for easily stackable bars


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