Posted on: April 04 2016
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From Montreal, QC, Canada
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1995 Royal Canadian Mint Uncirculated Set of 6 Coins 


Up for sale is an uncirculated mint set of 1995 Royal Canadian Mint 6 Coins in original envelope.


Up for sale is an uncirculated mint set of 6 1995 Royal Canadian Mint Coins. Coins are sealed in original cellophane packaging from RCM.

  • Common Loon Dollar
  • Canada Coat of Arms 50 cent
  • Caribou 25 cent
  • Fishing Schooner 10 cent
  • Beaver 5 cent
  • Maple Leaf 1 cent


I am a private collector selling off duplicates and extras that I have acquired over the years of collecting. If something is misrepresented or broken during shipping I am more than happy to work something out with you.I always leave feedback and would appreciate the same in return.


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